Centre for Historical Research in Berlin of the Polish Academy of Science

logopanCHR PAS was founded on 11 October 2006. It is one of six institutions of the Polish Academy of Sciences abroad and also the first institute with a historical scholarship profile and with own research projects.The purpose of the CHR is the research of the German-Polish relationships in the context of European history. This goal is pursued by long-standing research and scientific projects of our employees as well as the organization of events, the publication of important publications and the promotion of young scholars. The themes and the profile of CHR develops dynamically. The focus is currently on research of cultures of memory in Poland, Germany and Europe, migrations between Germany and Poland, the history of World War II and current historical discussions in both societies. Thereby, an interdisciplinary approach is pursued as well as close cooperation with international partners. In addition, the center participates through meetings, colloquia and discussions in the dialogue between science, education and public. Thereby, it maintains close partnerships with academic institutions and training providers in Germany, Poland and other European countries. The Library of CHR contains in addition to the German-Polish relationships history especially a wide range of publications on the cultural history, intellectual history and regional history of Poland and Central Eastern Europe as well as cultures of memory. The main focus is on publications and journals written in Polish, that are inaccessible to other libraries in Berlin.


Prof. Igor Kąkolewski

Dr. Zofia Woycicka

Dr. Małgorzata Quinkenstein