Creation of Cultural Events

This work package works with the elaboration of cultural products and events created with the purpose of destabilizing and unsettling stable and institutionalised functional memory. Creative and artistic products (fiction as well as documentaries in literature, film, theatre performances and – increasingly – computer games etc.) are among the most efficient means of transmission of intergenerational memory. In this sense cultural products provide the means for the creation of memory sites and the celebration and/or destabilization or deconstruction of established myths. Work package “Creation of Cultural Events” will benefit from the design and application of new interactive digital resources, aimed at enhancing audiences’ participation in and reflection on two very different cultural products, a theatre performance and a museum exhibition, facilitating the evaluation of audiences’ reactions to the cultural events. This work package will thus study how these events are able to challenge established interpretation patterns and modal remembrance preferences in different groups of spectators of the theatre and visitors of the museum. The purpose is to create strategies for opening up memory practices for processes of reflection / self-reflection and promote agonistic remembrance.