Marije Hristova

Marije Hristova is a postdoctoral researcher at the Spanish National Research Council. She is also a research fellow in the project “Below Ground” (2016-2018), led by Francisco Ferrándiz. Furthermore she is a founding member of the association Memorias en Red which organizes debates, exhibitions and events related to the topic of remembrance. Marije holds a Ph.D. in the humanities from Masstricht University, a M.A. in history from the University of Groningen and a M.A. in Spanish literature from the University of Amsterdam. She was a Marie Curie predoctoral fellow at the Spanish National Research Council, and she has worked as a lecturer at the University of Groningen, Maastricht University and the University of Veliko Tarnova in Bulgaria.

In her Ph.D. dissertation, titled Reimagining Spain: Transnational Entanglements and Remembrance of the Spanish Civil War since 1989 (2016) she analyzes the influence of international frameworks on the reconfiguration of the memory narratives of the Spanish Civil War. In this work she examines, among others, the influence of Spanish mass grave exhumations on the reconfiguration of Spanish national identity. As a postdoctoral researcher in UNREST, Marije will continue to focus an exhumations and (trans)national memory politics both in Poland and Spain.